to document, analyze, and share our urban assets


How can anyone monitor thousands of acres?

Without integrating drone technology into your work flow, no organization or company can continuously monitor every inch of their assets, and in house programs have been proven to be costly and often inefficient. New Land Development has taken this issue and built a company to offer affordable and accurate drone technology integration, offering your team complete turn key services to deliver continuous site data on your most valuable assets. 

After All, We Are Only Human

With the average human height near 1.5 meters tall, how can we inspect or even measure an entire site? We simply can not, causing us to miss everyday changes on our site that if left unnoticed, may require unnecessary and expensive resources to fix. 

Better monitor assets like parks that undergo intense use during their busy seasons, causing unseen damage to the infrastructure and vegetation.

During any planning phase, it is important to understand the current conditions of your site, not just the big picture, but every square inch.

Even after the construction phase, an asset of any size should be monitored in great detail, this will ensure your site remains at the highest quality. 


DOTD projects


Natural Disasters


Site Analysis 


Parks and Rec


Adjustment Claims


Drone Technology Intergration

Industries Served

Site insight can save many industries time and money on their job site. Whether you constructing a new road or monitoring the health of your park, high resolution aerial data can offer you team never before job site insight. Inspect, analyze, share, and then save on your next project with on demand aerial data. 

Our licensed operators carry the necessary insurance, licenses, and experience to deliver your team accurate and timely data. 

Call one of our licensed operators today with your question and we will be happy to help you explore your aerial data collections. 






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100% Turn Key

Utilizing the latest drone technology and FAA approved flight procedures, we capture on demand aerial data for our clients to deliver continuous site data.

On Demand 

Simply call us with a site and and data set need, from there, we manage the entire process to deliver high resolution data on your site straight to your computer.   

Team Portals

Comfortably inspect, monitor, and, even measure from the comfort of your laptop. We deliver your data in an easy to use online portal, allowing your to take data to actionable plans.


Quickly inspect your job site 

Accurately measure surfaces

Accurately calculate volumes

Annotate and share notes