Start Date: June 2020

Completion Date: July 2020

The newly constructed facade of their building faced one of Mid City's busiest streets, creating an opportunity to brand their message about children with dyslexia. It was during this time that Louisiana Key Academy worked with Mid City Alliance to create a RFP for the design of the space. After submitting our proposal, we were chosen as the winner based on our "Night Light" design. The concept, bring reading and the message of dyslexia to a large than life scale and allow the mural to work both during the day and at night. Currently 1 in 5 children suffer from dyslexia which we chose to represent with 5 children standing over 12' tall, each reading a book! To represent the power of reading, we added specific books the schools use to teach, each book standing over 16' in height to allow any bystander to visibly notice the message. Our favorite part of the mural is the placement of the children under existing lighting, creating a "Night Light" effect when the sun goes down.