01: Understand 

Before we can begin any task, we need to get back to the basics and that means we need to understand who you are and your current pain points. Let's sit back and be human and talk, we typically love to begin this process over some coffee or tea! Things we will cover:

01.2: Brand Awareness

01.1: User Elements



Following the Laws of UX, we begin with Human Centered Design. By placing the user first, we separate ourselves as designers to ensure every decision is made with the customer and user in mind. We use the following 6 step process to navigate the existing journey of working with you and your product. 

02: Research 

After we under have come to an understanding that our design team can help, we need to begin the necessary research to identify the questions that we are to going to solve. In this step, we will conduct the following;

02.4: Usability Testing

02.3: Surveys

02.2: User Focus / Groups

02.1: Interviews

Taking Notes

03: Analyze 

In this step, we will take all of the information gathered from our discussions, interviews, surveys, and usability testing and distill the most important elements. To build this data set, we need to build the following bits of information; 

03.1: User Personas

Smiling Young Man

Adam Caar

Product Designer 

Adam is senior level Product Designer who enjoys working on beautiful industrial problems in the southeast region. He recently started his own practice and is not able to afford a traditional office, but needs a space to set up his work and separate from his home space.

AGE: 25
FAMILY: Single 
LOCATION: Baton Rouge, LA 



GOALS: To locate a shared space that is professional enough to bring clients, yet flexible on pricing and contracts 

Frustrations: Yearly leases that are 2-5 year terms and very expensive. 

Motivations: Clean and professional spaces, secure offices, affordable prices, fast and reliable internet. 


Rebecca Harley 

Real Estate Agent 

Rebecca is a veteran real estate agent in the southeast region. With flexible hours and a demanding work environment, she does not need the traditional office 24/7, but rather a space to bring clients to review listings and close deals. 

AGE: 36
FAMILY: Married
LOCATION: Baton Rouge, LA 



GOALS: Locate a flexible shared space for daily rentals for meetings and document reviews. 

Frustrations: Yearly leases that are 2-5 year terms and very expensive. 

Motivations: Clean and professional spaces, secure offices, daily rates, conference rooms, and professional staff to greet clients. 

Smiling Man

Samuel Atkinson 

PhD Candidate - Literature 

Sam recently started his PhD courses in 19th century literature and loves get lost in his work. From reading and writing, Sam enjoys a quiet space without distraction. He also loves his two dogs, Salt and Pepper and takes them everywhere he can 

AGE: 31
FAMILY: Married
LOCATION: Baton Rouge, LA 



GOALS: Find another space beside the outdated library and traditional coffee shops. 

Frustrations: Loud and crowded coffee shops, libraries that are outdated and do not offer a space to leave your supplies. 

Motivations: Locate an affordable space that will allow for zero distractions and for Sam to leave his work laying around as he works. 

03.2: User Journey Maps

04: Design

It is finally time to DESIGN! During this step we will build the following; Site Map, User Flows, Mockups, Images, Icons, Color Palettes, Etc. The typical process for this section will begin with wireframing, a storyboard of how the user will navigate through the product. 

04.1: Wireframing (low fidelity)

04.2: Wireframing (high fidelity)

04.3: Presentation and Feedback

05: Launch

After we design and then redesign, and then redesign some more. It is time to launch and begin testing the product. This will come in a few forms and once we have worked out the small details and user experience, we will soon have the final product ready to launch. 

05.1: User Testing

05.2: Beta Launch

05.3: Internal Testing

04.4: Final Product Development

06: Analyze (again)

Once we are ready to launch, it is imperative that we preform another analysis on the final product. Here, we will ask the following questions; 

Where did we struggle and why? How are our users responding to the product? Did it solve their issues and pain points? 

Once we have thoroughly analyzed the product and the US process, we are ready for final product delivery and shipping!