ART Maintenance - A never ending love hate relationship..

Updated: Jan 17, 2021

It is well known that art does not have to be fragile, but what if an art installation lays on the ground of a busy urban city? What if you are meant to walk over this art, literally stepping on it to find your way through the trail?

The first Heart Trail was installed on February 13th, 2020 and since then we estimate hundreds, if not thousands of visitors have used our trail in the past year. However, traffic alone will not cause art to crumble, both harsh summers and freezing temperatures will place wear and tear on any outdoor installation. Therefore, requiring constant maintenance and upkeep.

The pieces you seen above were recorded and removed on January 11th, 2021.

Closing in on our 1 year anniversary of the first Heart Trail in downtown Baton Rouge, we needed to take inventory on the current shape of the trail. After walking the 5k trail this weekend, we recorded missing pieces, soon to be missing pieces, and any changes to the trail that were not performed by our team.

From this trail observation report, we will identify the necessary steps needed to correct any issues along the trail and begin to ensure proper guidance for the visitors and our agreement with the city. At the current moment, we have discovered over 100 missing pieces from the trail and we believe more than half of these pieces were removed by people and not the weather. This issue of vandalism will require a different approach for our upcoming maintenance installation, one that will hopefully yield longer times for each way finding piece.

We are hoping to have the trail back in tip top shape by the beginning of February, just in time for Heart Health month! Please stay tuned for new updates and hopefully a group walk in the near spring!

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