How are we missing this opportunity Baton Rouge?!

Public art does not have to be complicated, expensive, or even too abstract that the general public would not understand its meaning. For Baton Rouge, Louisiana there lies an opportunity above Interstate 10, one of the busiest interstates in the country. This opportunity is the 200 foot Valley Street bridge with a 10 foot chain link fence and is a diamond in the rough!

It should be said that we are not talking about some new installation that has never been done before. Installations on DOTD infrastructure have been going on for decades and have been proven to be an incredible add value to the communities that receive them. However, this would be a first for the mid sized city Baton Rouge, but more importantly, it would offer over 55 million bystanders a year a sense of culture that exists within the red stick community.

With proven techniques for colorful installations, we should not be ignoring this opportunity. We need to be asking ourselves, how we can not only add value, but innovate and show the country that passes us by daily that we are more than a college town? We have dreams and visions of the future, we are proud of our identity, we want to be part of the innovation that other cities seem to gobble up.

Could this be an opportunity to rebrand or proudly show our "Red Stick" (Baton Rouge) identify? Every year we ask questions on how to retain citizens and increase tourism, but we don't ask how art can play a major role in this development. Is it time we ask the hard question on why are we ignoring such an opportunity?

We want to be heard and SEEN!

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