Let's get digital!

Anyone familiar with public art installations understands the reality of normal wear and tear from the harsh environment. Add on vandalism and you have a recipe for serious problems with how your work functions or is represented to the public.

It was during the first year of our pilot project that made me realize that maintaining over 300 pieces (wayfinding tools) throughout a 3 mile trail would be difficult. Add on the price tag of $15 per decal and you now have a serious problem.

Once a single piece was removed or became damaged, the trail became broken. Creating difficulty for any user to navigate or maneuver. This is why we had to go digital.

A simple and elegant method to solve the issue of expensive and time consuming physical wayfinding replacement or monitoring. Utilizing everyone's smart phone and Google Maps, I was able to create a mobile website that acts like an app and allows each user to simply upload the trail on their navigation application in two clicks of button.

This opened a world of opportunities!

  1. The trail will never be broken again! Now that this digital application became available, I am able to now adjust the trail or add any new variable in real time. If the city improved the walking path or sidewalk across the street and is safer for users, I can simply shift the trail with a few clicks of a button. If we need to expand the trail, we can.

  2. We do not need to wait for approval or funding. Imagine a trail that lives on the digital map, never bothering the physical space of a community, never needing maintain or up keep. We can simply create and deliver, offering new experiences without the red tape.

  3. We can create from anywhere. All we need is a working knowledge of the community, a connection to the community for design communication, and a computer. From there we can create a walking experience that will connect users to the unique experiences each community has to offer.

As we begin to test this method and new model of wayfinding, I am sure we will discover pros and cons. However, at this time, we are excited to announce the launch of a our new digital wayfinding tool for all Heart Trails.

Now go out and discover the beauty a city has to offer!

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