MoMA - How amazing you are!

If you have never had the chance to stroll down 53rd street and step inside the Modern Museum of Art in New York City, then let this a wake up call to make it happen. After putting on your mask, you will then be able to enter the space where you will begin to feel the world of art in the air. From the beautiful architecture to the stunning accents on every angle, this Museum is stunning.

I must say, this was my first time and with so much to see, I am not even sure how to share it all with you. However, with two degrees in landscape architecture, it is safe to say that I would like to start with the garden.

The garden was designed by MoMA Director of Design and Architecture, Phillip Johnson in 1953.

A space that looks and feels like a piece of work, curated with intention, with no detail spared.

Tall skyscrapers fill the background, drawing your eye upwards to discover modern glass skyscrapers mixed with 20th century gothic architecture. Breathtaking to be honest, but it is not the background that makes me feel something. It is actually the sounds of birds that offer a sense of relief from the concrete jungle that we left when we entered the museum. Their songs never stop, complimented by the leaves rubbing together from the gusts of wind that falls into the guarded garden. Subtle hints of running water from the ponds that run through the center, giving you an edge to sit and connect with an element that we rarely see in the city.

Although, all of this gave me a sense of peace, it was actually the cars that lifted my spirits and revitalized my soul. When you can mix art (automobiles) within a garden and succeed, you truly have an incredible piece of engineered work.

I hope these images inspire you to add this to your bucket list or at the very least, encourages you to follow them on social media. For this space changed my life and I only hope this post will offer some insight into an incredible space in the world.

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