Please help us maintain your Heart Trail!

Public art can play such a vital role in our health and the Heart Trail was designed to help us reconnect to our city, all while improving our overall health. However, when you place art on the urban streets, you can expect wear and tear, requiring on going maintenance to keep the trail connected for visitors.

After a year under our belt, it is time to check all the wayfinding markers and remove any worn down pieces and replace them with new ones. However, these way finding markers cost money and that is why we are asking the public to help us replace them by purchasing a removed marker and framing it to hang on your wall! Each framed piece is an original marker placed on the ground and is no longer cleared to use. With your support, we will be able replace them in a more secure location, thus allowing the Heart Trail to stay connected and ready for visitors.

Each framed original piece will go for $50.00, allowing us to cover the costs of the materials, printing, installation, and any administration work. If you are interested in purchasing one for your store or home, please reach out to us!!!

We want to thank you for your support and we hope to see you along the trail soon!

Also - please stay up to date with the Heart Trail at

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