Urban Canvas Studio installs the first Heart Trail in Baton Rouge, LA!

After 18 months of planning, designing, and meeting with neighborhood officials, the time to lay the first decal was finally here. To our luck and gratitude, that day was February 13th at 10:00 pm, just one day before Valentine's day!

After an 8 hour installation, the first trail was finally completed and connected by 12'x12' ground decals that were placed every 50 feet. These 150 trail markers will become the way finding tools to guide visitors and walkers throughout the 3.1 mile trail.

We are beyond excited to open the first Heart Trail in downtown Baton Rouge, LA and we thank everyone who came out to support the opening of this art installation that helps support the fight against heart disease.

When we are finally able to come together as a community again, we will be hosting another community Heart Trail walk to fall in love with our city again. Please stay tuned for further information.

Please find more about the project at

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