sitting over 2,200 square feet, this small urban school courtyard  has the chance to enhance the working and learning experience for the children and even teachers! 

Louisiana Key Academy - Baton Rouge, LA 

A smaller school that is growing every year came to us with a question, "how can we make this space more exciting for the students and staff members?" We met up with the staff, had coffee in the space, listened to their goals, concerns, budgets, and more importantly, their vision and use for the space. From there, we went back to our studio and produced a design that would engage the students, add working spaces, and give the school a sense of pride of place. 

site context.PNG

Site Context: Baton Rouge, LA

4th and Main street



Site Context: Small school courtyard

Baton Rouge, LA



Modeling the space 



Proposal Rendering


Proposal Rendering



Proposal Rendering



Proposal Rendering