sitting over 25,000 square feet, this urban canvas has the chance to enhance the working experience for the thousands of visitors this building receives a day.  

One American Place - Baton Rouge, LA 

This 24 story or 308 foot tall skyscraper sits in the heart of downtown Baton Rouge, LA. Offering offices and work space for thousands of workers, this beautiful space offers a 25,000 urban canvas at the 5th floor, giving more than 50% of their current tenants the chance to enjoy an art installation. With recent studies showing the importance of art in the work space, this is an opportunity to show the tenants that One American Place cares about their health and well being. 

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Site Context: Baton Rouge, LA

4th and Main street


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Site Context: One American Place

Baton Rouge, LA



Proposal Rendering



Proposal Rendering



Proposal Rendering



Proposal Rendering