tree of life - 6TH AND mAIN sTREET

Start Date: November 2018

Completion Date: December 2018

Local restaurant Cocha, knew they wanted to bring their amazing menu and energy to the streets of downtown Baton Rouge. However, with limited real estate along their storefront, they knew they would have to be creative. After working with our design team, we were able to create a plan that the city would approve. Making this the 2nd parklet in Baton Rouge, LA.  After receiving the necessary permits, UCS was able to construct the 480 square foot raised stone deck along 6th street. The parklet used stone pavers to blend the existing sidewalk to the new deck and Corten steel planters were placed along the edge to create an edge condition that matches the look and feel of the current interior. Using local herbs and flowers, we lined the planters to soften the hard concrete edges that exist in urban city centers. Our goal, tie into the mural across the street to create a more natural feeling along a main street corridor.