Architects, engineers, and planners, all play a vital role in the curation of our infrastructure, neighborhoods, and communities. With so many professions adding value to our cities, where is the design firm that specializes in public or private art? A firm that has similar training and experience, but utilizes art as a medium to add value to our spaces. With very few design firms aiming solely at art, we want to become your one stop shop for all things art. Whether you are interested in a mural installation or perhaps you are looking to curate a newly developed apartment building, we professionally manage it all. 

The Creative Process 

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If you have a space or site that you are interested in placing art, simply call our team for a physical or virtual site visit. We love both outdoor and indoor spaces!


Our team will then sit down with you to discuss your goals, budget, and inspirations for the space. From there we can build a proposal to showcase the idea, the budget, and timeline. 


Once your team agrees to the design proposal and pricing, we begin the necessary steps to manage the project from beginning to end!


Using art to redefine a space is nothing new, but as trained designers and artists, we want to use real world experience and education to bring more than paint to a wall. How we accomplish this is what separates us from other design firms. Based on your vision and budget, we assist in the design or sourcing of local creative talent for your project.



We have had the pleasure of assisting a wide range of clients and their spaces. From helping install canvas' weighing over 40 pounds, to murals stretching over 500 feet long, we want to help with your art needs. Since 2015, Urban Canvas Studio has been utilizing the power of art to redefine the feeling of a space. We are very lucky to continue to our passion, thanks in part to our amazing clients. Without your vision or dreams, we would have less art in the world. Thank you and we look forward to the next coming years! 

Changing space with art

On Going (2021)



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Interior Art Installation

Tin Roof Brewery 

Interior Art  Installation

Love Bites

Interior Art  Installation


Hot Sauce 

Interior Art  Installation

Virginian Estate - Residential Design 

Landscape Architecture


Map Our World - New Orleans

Interior Art  Installation