Architects, engineers, and planners, all play a vital role in the design and planning of our infrastructure, neighborhoods, and urban centers. To enhance upon these spaces and better communicate the intention of the space or product, this studio's work explores experiential design, the practice of transforming space and experience through a variety of mediums and design disciplines.

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The Heart Trail 

Curated Walking Experience 

The Heart Trail is a curated walking experience through a guided path connecting users to cultural, historical, and recreational spaces within a community.  Using modern wayfinding systems, we are able to guide users of the trail throughout the city, safely and without distraction. 


UI / UX Design

Branding / Graphic Design

User Research Public Engagement 

Wayfinding System Design 


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SJB Group 

Survey and Civil Engineering Firm

SJB Group wanted to convey the quality of work they produce to the market they work with everyday. After our research and team meetings, we were able to gauge and develop a strategy that would allow SJB Group to illustrate the their hard work and caring approach to each project. 


UI / UX Design

Mobile / Web Development

Print Media / Email Marketing 

Social Media Content Strategy


United Aerial 

Drone Data Collection and Management 

Not everyone understands just how incredible this new drone technology really is and it was our task to assist United Aerial in communicating the full potential these new tools had to offer their clients.  From digital to physical mediums, we worked with their team to create a unique and individual brand that illustrate the power hidden in the drones. 



Company Branding 

Internal Operation Manual Creation

Instructional Presentations 

UI / UX Design

Social Media Strategy and Creation


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Urban Canvas Studio

Reconnecting to a moment in nature

Brand awareness and experiential design

Cocha Restaurant knew their outdoor space had the opportunity to communicate their message for healthy foods and positive connections to nature and agriculture. We worked with the owners and the city to design solutions to maximize their outdoor space, while reconnecting their costumers to a touch of nature that once stood in downtown Baton Rouge.


Art Design & Installation

Parklet Design & Installation 

Spatial Design Consulting

Master Planning



Louisiana Key Academy 

Exterior Storytelling and Brand Awareness 

With the recent renovation to Louisiana Key Academy, came an opportunity to utilize the new facade to tell their story and work. As a school focused on assisting children with dyslexia, they wanted the world to be proud of the student who work hard everyday to enjoy the written word. 


Art / Design & Installations

Public Engagement 

Spatial Design Consulting